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Interim Management

Interim Management with Global Search ConsultantsAt Global Search Consultants Ltd., we understand that every challenge has a unique solution. And, that finding solutions are integral part of business decision making.

Finding talented people of right fit for an organization is one of the most important issues companies face today. When an executive position vacancy occurs, we also call it a “stall point,” that can seriously impede the business success. Every organization, regardless of its size, faces talent gaps caused by illness, maternity leave, vacations, and special projects. By the time between the right talent discovered and recruited, the business is on auto pilot – a risky proposition. That is where the Interim Management is significant. Interim managers or executives bring a long-term experience behind them for a short-term solution. They are hired for two months or two years, interim executives bring a wealth of experience.

Why Interim Management:

When a sudden vacancy takes place, in spite of well intended succession plans, there is a new burden placed on businesses to remain “fit.” The most obvious use of Interim Management is to fill the leadership vacancy quickly. Standard steps toward replacement are slow: When a new hiring initiative for a permanent executive is begun, it is, on average, a minimum 6-month process to secure a new senior leadership. These interim positions allow for both the interim manager and the company to explore a long-term relationship while providing much needed immediate leadership.

Global Search Consultant Ltd. Solutions:

For our clients:

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Our candidates have extensive industry experience. In general, they bring 15 – 20 years of relevant, progressive, and timely management experience. They fully understand the concept of interim management. They know the critical role of their contributions in interim management. They are quick to understand the new situations and are adaptive to the new environments. Our selection criteria are tough, and robust.


Before we place an interim manager with you, we spend significant time with you in ascertaining your needs of the time and then take them to match with the appropriate interim manager before assignment. We assess the interim manager, prepare him or her, we coach, and we make sure for a smooth integration.

For our candidates to become an Interim Manager:

It is a fast moving and dynamic opportunity. It can open doors that you will find exciting and rewarding. You will bring to us your demonstrated expertise in senior management with a keen eye to assimilate and deliver results quickly in an exemplary professional manner. Our selection criteria are tough, and robust!

We will confirm with your availability before presenting your credentials.

Money matters:

Get a GST number. You will be billing us and not the client. You will bill us once a month and based on number of days worked (per diem) at an agreed upon rate. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (general information about taxation for businesses and self-employed individuals) and On-line Business Registration (links to CCRA, as well as additional information on attaining a business number, GST/HST numbers, etc.) are useful web sites.

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